Top 10 Anti Aging Foods


Top 10 Anti-Aging Foods

Anti aging foods are foods the help our body and skin to stay young. These foods are mostly fruits that are rich in vitamins and minerals. Each of the foods in our list helps our body in different ways.

honey top 10 anti aging foods


First up on our list is honey. More than just being a sweet treat, honey is actually rich with vitamins and minerals. Making it really good and beneficial for our health. Although it is beneficial for our health and skin, don’t forget about its sugar content. We should limit our consumption of this product. This product can also be use in numerous ways. Face mask, mix with petals and other stuff in order to get your preferred result for the treatment.

Turmeric top 10 anti aging foods


Turmeric is one of the spices which contains the most antioxidants. According to the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity scale or in short the ORAC scale. Research has shown that turmeric has the ability to inhibit an enzyme namely elastase. It digests elastin which is a protein the body need to make skin smoother and pliable.

Avocados top 10 anti aging foods


Avocados are rich in nutrients and known to be a super fruit. At first people avoid it because it was thought to be a fatty fruit. Avocado oil is can accelerate respiration in our cells’ mitochondria. Meaning that the energy producing function still works even if our cells are attack by free radicals. Another thing to consider about avocados are the other essential nutrients. The said fruit contains fiber, potassium, vitamin E, calcium, iron, boron and etc.

In anti-aging, avocados reduces age spots, they rejuvenate the skin and boosts collagen, which keeps the skin smooth and pliable.

nuts top 10 anti aging foods


Nuts are cause of acne but not necessarily. It can function as an anti-aging agent when eating. Different nuts yield different content such as walnuts. Having omega-3 which is good for our heart and almost have vitamin E. Which have anti-inflammatory properties that help with conditions such as acne and things of the like. Walnuts are even said to increase the brains activity.

“Anti aging Foods To Keep Wrinkles Away”


Eating fish which is not fried will yield you enormous benefits when it comes to anti-aging. They contain high amounts of fish oil and fish protein which is beneficial for our skin.

yogurt and kefir top 10 anti aging foods

Yogurt and Kefir

Yogurt is a particularly good product when it comes to anti-aging. It contains probiotics which are microorganisms that is introduce to the body. These microorganisms or good bacteria condition your skin from inside out. It also reduce inflammation and oxidative stress on our skin Kefir. On the other hand contains 3 times the probiotics which yogurt contains.

top 10 anti aging foods

Green Tea

Green tea has a lot of antioxidants which makes it a good anti-aging agent. It prolongs cellular aging. Skin wrinkle is slower manifest and retain the vitality of our skin. Green tea has a lot of antioxidants, we can take advantage of this by… using it has a skin moisturizer, by applying some of the green tea on your skin by dabbing it using a piece of cotton.

figs top 10 anti aging foods


Figs are rich in polyphenols and flavonoids which give off a strong antioxidant property. It also has collagen which helps make you look younger by reducing dark sports and wrinkles from your face. Antioxidants from figs also protect your skins from antioxidants which attack it.

blueberries top 10 anti aging foods


Blueberries have a lot of antioxidants. It helps us counter against the mental and physical effects of aging. It has a lot of other nutrients as well such as flavonoids, iron, manganese, vitamin C, E and antioxidants. Blueberries helps reduce the inflammation of the skin because of its strong anti-inflammatory properties. This in turn makes your skin look younger and smoother.


Tomatoes contains a lot of vitamin c which helps with the production of collagen. It helps your skin retain its youthful and growing appearance. It also has lycopene which protects the skin form UV damage from the sun and helps improve our circulatory system.

Anti aging foods are great they keep our skin and body look young. These foods are also good for diet and for slimming. But you have check your blood sugar regularly. These anti aging foods are sweet and can increase your blood sugar if you take to much specially honey.


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