Hidden Survival Muscle In Your Body


Hip Flexors

The hip flexors are the most powerful muscles in our body, it affects our whole body. These muscles are the core of our body and our bodily movements. They control our skills in balance, ability to sit, stand, twist or even our bending and walking.

The psoas major or psoas is part of the hip flexors. It is known as the only muscle which bridges the upper and lower halves of our bodies. This muscle connect to the lower vertebrae of our lower spine. It is attach to the tendon on our femur or thighbone. It is also known to be attach to the diaphragm and all of our major organs rest on it. This means that this muscle is responsible for our breathing and bodily functions.

hip flexors

It is not an overstatement to say that a healthy psoas reflects a healthy body. There are enormous benefits to your whole body by having a healthy psoas. Having a healthy psoas will give you stamina and power to do things may it be bed, the gym or just your normal daily activities.

Having a healthy psoas will give you more stamina and power.